Ballard Therapeutic Massage


Please read through this to ensure that the insurance process goes without any setbacks.

  • PLEASE bring your insurance card if you want us to bill your insurance.
  • We bill the following health insurance companies:



Uniform Medical Plan

Regence Blue Shield


First Choice(out-of-network) 

Group Health(out-of-network)

  • Please note that each health insurance company and plan has different requirements for attaining a massage therapy prescription.  For those who need one please be prepared with a prescription from your primary care physician in hand upon your initial visit that has the following:

Name and Date

Diagnosis Code

Duration of Massage Therapy

Frequency of Massage Treatment

For Example: 723.1 (neck pain), 8 massage visits, one massage per week. Starting on April 1st, 2010 through May 8th, 2010.
  • We also accept Labor and Industries (work related injuries)  claims as well as PIP claims (motor vehicle accident injuries).
  • Please read our strict No Show/Late Cancellation Policy
  • Please understand your health plan policy for massage therapy. We suggest calling your insurance company to find out all information on your plan, deductible and your financial responsibility.